domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Drinking games: the Pyramid

There are several ways to play this game, this is just probably the best one. You'll need: a deck of cards, lots of alcohol and... lots of alcohol. This game works well for up to 10 players.

Actually this is an improved version of the Pyramid, which starts exclusivelly at the pyramid itself (we'll get to it). In this version the previous step of dealing out 4 cards to each player is also used as a part of the game.
One person acts as the dealer.
1st round: In turns, everyone (including the dealer) receives a card, but first each player (including the dealer once again) must try to guess the color of the card (black/red). If you fail you must drink one finger of your glass.
2nd round: Same as before except this time you must guess if the card will be higher or lower than the previous one (starting at 2 up to the ace). Again if you didn't guessed correctly, drink a finger.
3rd round: Same as before and this time guess if the new card has a value in between the two previous cards or not. (e.g. if you received a 3 and a 10 before: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 would be inside, 2-J-Q-K-Ace would be outside). Fail=finger as you probably know already.
4th round: You may now try to guess the suit (spades (♠), hearts (), diamonds () and clubs (♣)) of the 4th and last card. Needless to say what happens if you fail.

Also take note that in round 2 you can also bet the card will be the same. If you succeed you can tell every other players to drink a finger (or the whole glass if you want to do it hardcore mode)

Now that every player has 4 cards, he must memorize and place them face down on the table. You should also remember where you placed each card, as you can't look at the cards again once the pyramid is started. Note that only the value of the cards (and the place you put each one) is to be memorized.(This is no magician trick).

And finally, now that everyone's a bit warmed up, comes the Pyramid:
Place the remaining cards of the deck in rows, face down on the table, from a 6 cards row to a single one at the top.
Now flip over the bottom left card.
If any player has a card of the same value, he can tell another player to drink a finger (actually a sip is fine to, if you're not really in a rush).
Now you can also bluff and tell a player to drink even if you don't have the card.
The player told to drink can therefore drink or challenge the daring player to show the card.
If the player was not bluffing, the player told to drink must drink double the designated drinks. If the player was bluffing though, he must drink double. To spice it up, if the supposedly bluffing player actually has the card, but he can't remember where, and he shows the wrong card, he'll have to drink double aswell.

Every shown card must be replaced by a new one from the remaining of the deck. The player who receives the card (and only him) may look at it once and place it with his other cards, face down, to continue playing.

Each row has a value in fingers/sips: first row (6cards) is just one sip, once the second row is started you can comand 2 sips (to 1 person), 3 sips for the 3rd row, and so on until the last card, which is a whole glass. And of course, if you're bluffing at the last card and you're caught: that's it, 2 glasses.

Alternate version is to simply deal out 4 cards to each player and start at the pyramid. Don't do it. This version is better.

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