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Your outlook on life may soon be changed

I pose two questions to you.

One, do you believe in science absolutely? That is, would you agree that all events obey a set of rules without exception, whether or not those rules are fully and accurately known to man?

Two, would you therefore believe that if an infinitely powerful computer possessed a complete and accurate set of rules that all events must obey and a complete and accurate snapshot of all space, matter, and energy at a given point in time, that it could perfectly predict all events that would ever happen in the future?

These questions may cause declared declared theists to question their beliefs. When these rules are applied to our world, one must conclude that we in fact do not have free will. Not believing in these rules is the same as not believing in evolution. It is illogical to be a theist who concedes that science disproves creation but not the concept of free will, and therefore the premise of religion.




i do believe everything, absolutely everything from the infinitesimal movement of the infinitesimal particle to the final largest and longest event of the whole universe matter, is determined, and i know every one of my decisitions and acts is in fact the result of billions of factors; from the movement of an electron into the protein mollecule of a ribosome of one of my brain's cell, to the movement of my fingers on the keyboard, every single little thing determines what i do, what people do and how the universe is moving and ruling


only cause and effect
BUT i also know this happens to scales I can't handle, I just can estimate what influence it's gonna have on MY scale; i mean i can't achieve a perfect "snapshot" of every atom position and relation of forces into a pencil falling from my table; but i do can percieve the whole pencil thing is falling and decide what to do whith this situation.

i don't know why this kind of reflection annoys people; if i could be convinced of the existence of something else than this determination to everything, it would be because of the presence of this sensation of distress in mankind when confronted to these ideas... not accepting death, determination of everything, that is what sounds to me inexplicable.

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Ellohir dijo...


There is free will. Knowledge of what you are going to choose doesn't quits your freedom to your choice.

Victor BA dijo...

en cierto modo esa es mi idea : D